The first 100% renewable and dry raw material

Woodpeat® is considered a premix, because it can be added to any soil mix as a peat substitute.

Woodpeat® is made of Hortifibre®—a fibre that we have been using for decades in our soil mixes—and coconut fibre, providing an optimal balance of air and water. Hortifibre® allows the proportion of available air to be significantly increased compared to a 100% coconut substrate, providing roots with ideal conditions for vigorous and even development.

In addition, the Hortifibre® in the product is manufactured from woodchip recovered from the timber industry, thus limiting its impact on the environment.

Woodpeat® may be used alone—in which case it is a 100% renewable substrate with agronomic qualities identical to that of peat—or as part of a mixture in order to reduce the quantity of peat required.

Woodpeat® can be dried and pressed—even more compactly than coconut fibre—for easy and economic transport and a reduced carbon footprint.

A 380 g brick = 8 L of substrate and a 5 kg block = 100 L of substrate!



  • Mixture of wood fibre (Hortifibre®) and coconut fibre


  • Woodpeat alone: the first 100% renewable and dry substrate
  • As part of a mix: soil-mix component used as an alternative to peat


  • RENEWABLE: A raw material that is 100% renewable within a human lifetime
  • EFFECTIVE: Equal to peat in terms of performance: excellent aeration and optimum water and air availability
  • ECONOMIC: Can be compressed into 5 kg blocks, 380 g bricks or grow bags. Allows transport costs to be reduced.

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