Social responsability

As a further component of our CSR policy, we strive to optimise safety and the working conditions of our personnel, improve their range of skills and encourage promotion within the company.



In 2014, we considered introducing a “well-being score” to evaluate job satisfaction among our staff at Florentaise and Terreaux Armoricains, and carried out a survey to this end. We received a great deal of feedback, with a response rate of 88% and an average score of 6.8/10, compared to 6.8/10 in 2014. Despite a generally positive result, the particular interest of this survey proved to be in highlighting the main expectations to be met in order to improve on this social satisfaction score. In 2015, the first measures were implemented to remedy the various problems. Examples include :

  • Launch of the project to revise our salary policy
  • Investment in the production tool in France, with annual investment plan and annual communication of this plan to employees
  • Investment in work tools to improve their ergonomics and the well-being of employees (+ hiring of an ergonomics apprentice)
  • Distribution of the general organization chart
  • Implementation of co-option
  • Launch of the study for the renovation of changing rooms and common areas in our factories
  • Continue the actions of team cohesion, the moments of exchanges and sharing within the factories and between them

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