Every 4 years since 2008, Florentaise’s management has been bringing together members of staff to develop the company’s vision and business strategy for the short and medium term. In January 2016, a new collective vision was agreed upon by this committee:

“Let’s innovate together to grow, feed and protect plants on a greener EARTH.”

Innovate: new products, manufacturing processes and associated services

Together: all of the company’s stakeholders

Grow, feed and protect: our areas of focus (soil mixes, soil improvers and mulches)

Plants: indoor and outdoor plant production

Greener: sustainable development, zero-carbon and 100% renewable products.

EARTH: world territory and growing media


This vision has given rise to 7 main ambitions for the 5 coming years :

  1. Innovation: Create new products and define new markets, while guaranteeing expertise and high quality
  2. Organisation: Optimise roles and methods and assign projects more effectively
  3. Communication: Both internal and external
  4. Synergies: External and internal, to share expertise within the group
  5. Personnel: Guarantee their well-being (interpersonal relationships and skills management)
  6. International activity: Increase our presence on the international arena and share our expertise
  7. Performance: Economic, industrial and environmental




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