14 March 2018


To overcome the problems associated with peat extraction and to ensure continuous availability of our products, Florentaise has expanded its Hortibio® range, thanks to its new manufacturing plant in the Baltic. It is a new range of products made from peat and Hortifibre®, intended for all substrate manufacturers as well as professionals that prefer to make their own blends. Florentaise has put all of its expertise into the development of this range, which allows us to replace the conventionally used peat fractions (7/15, 15/30, 20/40, etc.).

It will be available throughout the whole of Europe, as well as in China and the USA.

Hortibio® mixes are made from peat and Hortifibre, the most widely-used wood fibre in world. This tried-and-tested material has been recognised for over 15 years. Soil mixes containing Hortifibre® are well-aerated, provide plants with a readily available supply of water and allow the substrate to be more easily rewetted. Its structure also prevents mixes from becoming waterlogged.

The main advantage of Hortibio® is that it is lighter than peat, allowing transport costs to be optimised!

If you are interested in these mixes, our technical team will be happy to advise you and find the right soil mix for your requirements!

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