14 March 2018


Our company has been investing in urban agriculture for the last 2 years, and one of the solutions we have developed is the JARD'IN farm. Vertical farm production is not intended to replace conventional market gardening but rather to supplement it in geographical areas and megacities located far from the nearest fertile farmland.

With our vertical farm, the company will prove that growing lettuce in the heart of the city is more economically viable and more environmentally friendly than importing it several hundreds or thousands of miles.

With a height of 10 metres and with 10 levels, this pilot facility has a growing surface of 144 m², yet requires only 43 m² of ground space! The farm is capable of producing around 15,000 plants per year.

The strength of this concept lies in its modular system, which can be adapted to any industrial building and to all types of environment. It requires no natural light and no pesticides, because it is a closed system and we re-use over 90% of the water.

This concept is no longer in the design phase, and has now become a reality.

We can now proudly confirm that our JARD'IN farm is the first ever of its kind on French soil!

photo ferme verticalephoto ferme verticale


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