Texte alternatif
Texte alternatif

100% renewable and patented wood fibre

Hortifibre® is wood fibre manufactured from PEFC-certified softwood woodchip. It is 100% renewable and has the lowest carbon footprint of all of the uncompressed raw materials used in soil mixes. This wood fibre is obtained via a thermo-mechanical process at high-temperature (120°C), which guarantees fibres that are safe to use and of consistent quality.

Soil mixes containing Hortifibre® are well-aerated. It appreciably reduces the need to use peat and makes for a lighter substrate, allowing transport and filling costs to be significantly reduced.



  • Woodchip sourced mainly from PEFC-certified forest areas
  • Product sanitised by the high temperature reached during production
  • Excellent aeration
  • Renewable
  • Locally-produced and 100% recycled


  • Soil-mix component used as a partial alternative to peat
  • Used as a soil improver to lighten clay soils
  • May also be used as a mulch


  • GROWTH : Superior aeration promotes root development and plant growth
  • REWETTING : The fibre is water-permeable. This hydrophilic property allows the substrate to be more easily rewetted

Hortifibre® in video

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